Fishing in Llandovery

Fishing in Llandovery

A Town With More than just Heritage

LLandovery is a market town in Wales that is situated in the east of Carmarthenshire. With around 1700 inhabitants, it is a rather small market town that has a great deal of history and heritage attached to it, making it ideal for anything from a day trip to an extended visit that can be enjoyed either alone or by the whole family. Most importantly however, it just so happens that the River Towy's waters run through the area, and the physical properties of the sections that lay just above and below the town make itone of the best locations for fishing in the whole of Wales. Visiting LLandovery, with its Roman and Norman history and its abundant fishing waters, is an absolute must for those crazy about fishing; it is singled out here by this article to provide you with more information.

Fishing in Llandovery

If you're planning on taking a fishing trip to Llandovery - a course of action that is highly recommended - then it pays to know that the fishing there takes place under the auspices of the LLandovery Angling Association. Moreover, there are two distinct fishing locations to experience: one above the town (Upper Towy Fishing), and one below it (Lower Towy Fishing). Each of these locations has physical characteristics that distinguish each of them from the other; the two locations offer visitors two distinct fishing experiences.

Upper Towy fishing - including the area of Bwlchnewydd, Rhandirmwyn - is distinct from the lower portion of the river because of its generally narrower and tends to be comprised of gorges that feed into deep holding pools. Experienced fishermen may already recognise these pools, which include the Tairheol, Dolauhirion, and Divlyn pools, as being famous for the quantity of Sewin and Salmon that can be caught there. You may even be lucky enough to encounter Pike if you venture into some of the deeper pools.

Lower Towy Fishing is distinct from its upper towy neighbour in that the beat extends for three miles and is largely double-bank. This area is ideal for the traditional fly fisherman and even a single rod will suffice for the most part. This is a scenic beat which runs through some lush meadows, and is best experienced during the latter days of April and throughout May - you may encounter some large Sewin at this time, though the main run takes places throughout June, July and August, giving you plenty of  dates to choose for a getaway to this wonderful beat.

Accommodation and Extra-Fishing Activities

Llandovery is in itself an area of historical significance that simply calls out for exploration of its incredible Roman and Norman heritage. At very least one should go and see the Roman fort at Llanfair Hill as well Llandovery Castle which overlooks the River Towy. Though it will require that you add a few more days onto your trip, it would be crazy to visit Llandovery without also making the effort to explore the Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales' most magnificent mountain range consisting of six peaks, all ready to play host to your explorative adventures!

As far as accommodation goes, there are plenty of establishments in the area that are highly welcoming and that are also nestled amongst some of the most breathtaking scenery that Wales has to offer. One of the most notable locations is the Castle Hotel, Llandovery, though the 4-star Cwmgwyn Farm is also an incredible location to stay at as well.