Fishing Games: PC & Web

Sega Bass FishingSega Bass Fishing for Mobile

Sega Bass Fishing has been around for a long time - since 1997 - and has appeared on a long list of platforms, ranging from arcade machines to consoles, and more recently, on Steam. How has it managed to hang on for so long? Let's take a look.

Carp Fishing SimulatorCarp Fishing Simulator: A View of the River

The first game in our roundup is Carp Fishing Simulator. Currently in Early Access on Steam (also available on Android and iOS) for €12.99 - price subject to change - this game by Dangerous Derk Interactive draws inspiration from the classic Sega Bass Fishing.

Offering fishers the chance to cast from a choice of 25 pegs around the same large body of water, Carp Fishing Simulator allows you to fish for a range of carp and other common freshwater fish, including pike and perch.

Players can choose from three different types of rod, create bait mixtures and share them with other players', or download existing ones that have been uploaded.

Dangerous Derk Interactive boast of the game's daily and seasonal weather effects, and also promise that the player character will be fully customisable when the game reaches full release. They also speak proudly of the ‘complex' fish AI that aims to ensure they act as realistically as possible, rather than automatons with set behaviour patterns and movement paths.

Cat Goes FishingCat Goes Fishing

Cat Goes Fishing by Cat5Games hardly has the most imaginative title, but it is certainly accurate. Playing as a feline that has somehow learned the ancient art of fishing, the aim is to sell your haul for money. Make sense so far? It shouldn't!