Fishing Apps: Android & iOS Mobile

It can be a bit difficult accessing full websites on the go when you’re waist-deep in one of the many beats in South Wales, so what do you do when you need to access fishing information when you’re on the go? The most convenient way to access a wealth of information for fishing is via one of the many fishing apps available for your mobile. This article therefore details the 5 best fishing apps that will help the average fisherman scout out locations for their pursuits as well afford the user access to other information about the ideal seasons for fishing and the species that are available for catching at different times throughout the year.


Towy Fishing Apps

There's nothing better than stepping out of your house in full knowledge that you are fully prepared for your hours of wading around the beats. Ordinarily, one would have to rely on word-of-mouth information or simply acquired knowledge in order to discern the likelihood of catching a certain breed of fish in a specific location - this is becoming a thing of the past however. Why? Because of apps like Fishbrain. This is a fishing forecast app that is  wonderfully designed and community-driven, providing up-to-date catch information for thousands of beats around the country.

The whole premise of Fishbrain is that its information - which includes information about the kinds of fish that are biting in indicated areas on the map as well as encyclopaedic knowledge about things like wind direction, air pressure, and the most effective kinds of bait for each situation - is based on input from other anglers that are using the app. The app is very good at collating various sets of data that is directly relevant to the particular area you plan on fishing. Weather reports, tidal reports, sun/moon phases, water temperature, air pressure, and wind speed are just a few examples of the particular data which is displayed by the app. You can even discern your current GPS location, allowing you to pinpoint exactly where you are at all times.  

All of the above features ensure that Fishbrain is one of the most effective and informative fishing apps available to help you with your exploits on the river Towy, or indeed in most places that you could possibly want to visit for your fishing adventures.

IGFA Mobile

Towy Fishing Apps

The IGFA mobile app has received some criticism for being one of the more awkward and ineffective apps to use when it comes to fishing, but that doesn't mean it isn't a useful compendium of knowledge pertaining to certain aspects of your fishing trip. The app does offer a wide range of services from the pretty buttons on the homescreen: tackle records, species ID, trip planning, IGFA rules, IGFA weigh stations, and personal catch records are all sections of the app that are worth mentioning here.

Many of the above features work just fine, but finding certain species of fish is more difficult than it should be; errors of this kind feel a little out of place in such a cleanly-designed interface. This app is most useful for its index of information, as well as the handy map overlays which work in conjunction with features like the IGFA captains list. The iOS version also looks particularly pretty on the retina display, and the app has improved a fair amount since the first version was released.

My Catch

My Catch

This fishing app is marketed as being the all-in-one solution for fishermen and fisherwomen of all abilities and levels of experience. It's certainly got a serious whack of features, including the ability to log catches in real time as well as having access to catch information logged by others. The app has a social dimension as well, allowing anglers to communicate with each other through a powerful yet cleanly-presented interface. In addition to these features, the app also offers catch reports and map overlays as well as a fish finder function.

The most unique aspect of this smart fishing app however is the battle function, which allows you to challenge fellow fishermen to a catch battle where you upload stats and pictures of your real-life catches in order to compete with others that are doing the same. This aspect of the app is what gives My Catch the edge over many other fishing apps out there. Here's the Google Play link for you to check it out:

Fishing Knots Pro

Though not an app for all-round fishing information and up-to-date catch reports, Fishing Knots Pro is a fantastic app to use for reference when tying pretty much any fishing knot you can possibly think of. It goes further than simply show you diagrams of each knot: the pro version details each step in tying knots - from the clinched blood to the surgeon's loop knot - giving you an idea of your progress as you go and detailing everything you'd ever need to know about tying each and every knot from scratch.

Let's Fish: Sport Fishing

Let's Fish: Sport Fishing

This app isn't one for utility when out and about on your fishing trips, but rather one for when you can't quite make the time to do some actual fishing and still wish to kick back with your favourite hobby from the comfort of your own home with a simulation game. Let's Fish: Sport Fishing is the most popular fishing game in the world today, sporting 27 million+ players that comprise an online network that acts as a social hub as well as a pool of competitors for your to go up against.

This app prides itself on its realistic graphics and content, and it is difficult to fault it in this regard. The watery environments are gorgeous to look at, with realistic water effects and of course almost every type of fish you can imagine just waiting to be caught. It's no walkover however: you have to really work for your catches as you will find out. The game's 40 stunning locations and impressive 400 species of fish are just the start of the content you'll discover. There is plenty to be getting on with in addition to catching fish, such as playing around with different tackle and bait arrangements as well as upgrading to different rods, lines, hooks, and more.

Let's Fish: Sport Fishing is therefore an app to be enjoyed whether you're an avid fisherman or not. Its intuitive interface lends itself to an incredibly accessible experience, and one that is highly realistic, gorgeously presented, and flush with all the content a fisherman or fisherwoman could ever wish for.