Towy Fishing: Abercothi

Abercothi Fishing

Introduction to Abercothi

Fishing in the fish-rich waters of the Towy is a pleasurable experience to say the least, but there are some areas that are simply better than others when it comes to accessibility, surroundings, and of course the beats themselves. The Abercothi Estate fishery covers around three miles of the River Towy (as well as around a single mile of the River Cothi), but within these three miles of the Towy's total seventy, fishermen and fisherwomen are able to find an abundance of Salmon and Sea Trout with relative ease. Not only is the Abercothi Estate a wonderful fishing location, but it is also a beautifully scenic location that is perfect for a weekend getaway due to its proximity to other activities and amenities.

The Estate and Its Fishing

 The estate itself is located at Nantgaredig, which is in close proximity to the town of Carmarthen, making it highly accessible as well as a convenient location to use as either a base of activities or as a secondary location to visit on a family holiday involving a wider array of activities.

The estate is comprised almost exclusively of double-bank fishing. Of the fort main pools that the estate owns, many fishermen will already be aware that the Junction Pool is one of the most famous in the whole of the country. If you're not familiar, then the Junction Pool is one of the most productive Sea-Trout-fishing locations in the entire country. Beats rotate on a daily basis and change over at the standard time of 07:00 each morning. Note that a maximum of five rods are permitted at any one time.

As far as the species of fish you can expect to find at the Abercothi Estate Fishery location, it is mainly Sea Trout and Salmon that you will be expecting to encounter. Of course the frequency of your encounters with various species of fish will fluctuate along with the prices you'll be paying to fish there, and this all depends on the time of year. The catch reports thus far for the year have included over 650 Sewin, with Salmon being much sparser with only 20 caught thus far as of September 2015.


The cost of fishing at Abercothi Estate fluctuates depending on the time of year. Prime fishing is of course between June and Octorber, hence the increased prices:

April 1 - 30: £50 per rod/day - £200 per beat/day

May 1 - 31: £75 per rod/day - £300 per beat/day

June 1 - Oct 17: £100 per rod/day - £400 per beat/day


There is accommodation at the estate in the form of the Abercothi Farmhouse and Annexe, which can be booked either separately or as a unit. Prices range from as low as £480 for 2 nights in the Annexe to £2940 for the Farmhouse and Annexe for the entire week, with the whole house providing 5 double rooms, two twin rooms, and one single.

Other Activities

Of course if you aren't as mad about fishing as some can be, there will be ample opportunity for visitors to take a long stroll around the gorgeous scenery (there's even an Abercothi Webcam for you to check it out before you go).

Extraneous to the Abercothi Estate you have the town of Carmarthen as well as the area of Carmarthenshire to explore. Even if you don't end up doing anything else, it is strongly recommended that you make time to visit the National Botanic Garden of Wales, which is a fantastic day out for the entire family with activities that can be explored further by visiting the Welsh Botanic Garden website.